Marc Harrison

Welcome to my Digital Portfolio

Digital Connections

The Purpose

As a Business IT graduate, this site was designed with the intention of connecting with like-minded professional in the Digital Business and Data Analysis field. As this is a field in which I one day wish to pursue a career in, I wish to be a part of this growing sector. 


Digital Sport

The Football Zone

Other than being two passions, the merger of the sports and digital industries has created an endless amount of business opportunities. One specific area of this is data in sport. The Football Zone was designed with the intention of visualising important statics, in a readable and rememberable way. 

Digital Business

Work with me

If you wish to work on a digital business project, feel free to contact me via email or LinkedIn. Building  networks can massively increase your options when seeking the right advice.

DIGTIAL technology

Digital Developments

With an interest ranging from digital sport, social media and general technological advances, we always push to develop quality projects and achieve a more connected world. 



Technology is an ever evolving industry. Therefore why not keep up to date with our blog. More importantly, why not have an opinion on digital topics by commenting on our posts and being apart of our community.